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VPP Safety & Health Management System

Congratulations!  You have your OSHA Compliance Programs in great working order.

So what comes next?

One of the next steps to a really innovative and responsive Safety management Program is approval into OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

What is VPP?

The Voluntary Protection Program is  where management, labor, and OSHA establish cooperative relationships with workplaces that have implemented a comprehensive safety and health management system.  Approval into the VVP is the official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health programs.

How can my company apply to be a VPP Site?

VVP is a performance-based evaluation that measures known safety and health management criteria up against your safety and health management system.   In general, a site interested in becoming a VPP site fills out an extensive application, and then is visited by VPP assessors.   This third-party evaluation determines if the current site safety and health management system meets the criteria for inclusion into the program.   The level of your VVP approval is tiered into either a “Merit” program – one that qualifies, but needs a few enhancements – or a “Star” program, which is redognition for ememplary achievement in the prevention and control of occupational safety and health hazards in the workplace.

EverGreen  provides VPP Application support and training.