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Worksite Safety

EverGreen is an excellent resource to help you understand worksite safety and occupational health risks.

worksite safety
Safety and health hazards face manufacturing and construction worksite crews every day.  Understanding the risk involved, developing  proper procedures, building a strong safety culture of communication and awareness are all elements of preventing accidents and injuries on the job.

Identifying safety and health hazards and risks is no easy job.  EverGreen’s worksite safety professionals have safety managment program expertise, aimed at a two tiered goal:

  • Preventing Injuries through sound management practices
  • Reducing Worker’s Compensation Costs

Our safety professionals have experience in a wide variety of manufacturing settings, each which has it’s own set of known hazards.  Contractors working on your manufacturing site can bring additional worksite safety hazards to the job.  Which are important and could cause loss?  Let us help you determine your worksite safety program priorities, based on sound risk evaluations and compliance requirements.