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XRF Lead Paint

EverGreen provides XRF Lead Paint Inspections in VT, NH, and Upstate New York.

EverGreen is fully qualified to provide lead inspections for private homeowners, commercial business buildings, and public buildings, schools, and municipal buildings.

EverGreen staff are certified as VT / NH / EPA Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors.


EverGreen is licensed to use the newest lead paint detection technology, an non-destructive method called X-ray Fluorescence, or XRF.  An XRF provides instantaneous results right on the spot, so building owners can understand any lead paint risks immediately.  There is no need to deface your property by taking paint chip samples with a scraper.

EverGreen has performed over 200 inspections and lead dust clearance sampling in Vermont and New York homes, schools, and buildings.  Additionally, EverGreen is current  with the latest Lead in Paint Rules and Regulations, to include the State of Vermont’s Lead Law, Vermont’s Essential Maintenance Practices (Vermont EMP’s) and the Federal EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

We are the ONLY Vermont based Lead Inspection / Lead Consultant who is:

  • an EPA Accredited Training Provider for the EPA RRP Rule,
  • A Training Provider for the Vermont Essential Maintenance Practices (EMP)  course through the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board Lead Safe Vermont Program.
  • Qualified to provide Continuing Education Units to Real Estate Professionals with regard to Lead Based Paint Hazards in Real Estate.