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40-hour Hazwoper

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

In the mid 1970’s, issues like the Love Canal disaster – a hazardous waste dump that leaked toxic chemicals into a surrounding community and school  – posed serious environmental and public health risks.  Awareness of the risks of Love Canal highlighted the need to control and contain hazardous waste.  This, and other incidents, lead the EPA to create two new regulations:

– CERCLA, the Comprehensive Enviromental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, and
– RCRA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
CERCLA focused on hazardous waste sites already in existence, while RCRA focuses on correct and safe ways to deal with newly generated hazardous wastes.
The OSHA “HAZWOPER” Standard
The OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard is separated into two parts:
“Hazardous Waste Operations” trains Hazardous Waste Workers on how to stay safe on a hazardous waste site, or when working with hazardous waste.
Training may be required to work on a “Brownfield” Site.  That’s a location that has a known chemical hazard, but the amounts are low enough to allow for re-development of the site.
The “Emergency Response” section trains workers to keep safe in the event of an  unexpected accidental release of hazardous chemicals.

Most sites choose to set up customized and specific teams of  “emergency responders” trained to deal with their particular risks.  These teams have trained technicians, medical first aid personnel, communications personnel, and a singular individual calling the shots for the response – an incident commander.

EverGreen’s OSHA HAZWOPER Training Courses:

Hazwoper Training

EverGreen provides:

–    40 hour Hazardous Waste Operations Worker Training

–    8 hour Hazardous Waste Operations Refresher

–    24 hour Emergency Response Training

–    8 hour Incident Commander Training

Click our Training Schedule to see upcoming classes, or view the Calendar.

EverGreen believes that interactive, face to face, hazwoper training is superior to computer-based presentations.  We train so you can react to a situation, not to a computer screen.

Our training is interactive, hands on, and uses scenarios applicable to your manufacturing site, manufacturing process or specific activity and issues.   We can train at our facility or in-house.  Check our training page for class information.