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Industrial Hygiene

EverGreen provides Industrial Hygiene Program Services for:

  • General Business and Building / Facility Managers
  • Manufacturing Industries requiring OSHA / EPA Compliance
  • Construction Worksites.

 Industrial Hygiene is the art and science of:

    • Anticipating
    • Identifying
    • Evaluating
    • And Controlling

Occupational Health Hazards.

Industrial Hygiene ExposuresIndustrial Hygienists practice safeguarding people against Chemical, Biological, Physical and Ergonomic Health Hazards.  They understand radiation exposures and noise effects.

IH’s are involved in a lot of different work-related activities.  Some would surprise you.


Biological and Chemical Air Quality Testing

Ever wonder how Anesthesiologists and Surgeons don’t get gassed when the patient is put to sleep?

I don’t know about you, but I want anyone working on me in surgery to be awake.  IH’s help figure out how to keep the doctor safe from anesthesia and other chemical exposures so the surgery stays safe.


Ionizing Radiation Exposure Control

Ever wonder how nuclear submarine crews stay safe from radiation down under the sea?

There is a radiation safety officer, usually trained in Industrial Hygiene, on board.


Noise Exposure Evaluation

Ever wonder how rock stars on stage don’t get deaf? (actually, some did in the early years – like Pete Townsend of the “Who”)

Noise exposures and noise control are part of the required education of an Industrial Hygienist


EverGreen’s Industrial Hygiene staff are Board Certified in the Comprehensive Practice of Industrial Hygiene through the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.  They have served on projects to measure and control:

  • Exposures to Anhydrous Ammonia while servicing refrigeration equipment
  • Noise associated with metal working assembly and machine operation
  • Lead dust and Lead fume in the arms industry
  • Grain dust in agricultural industries
  • Chemical exposure to solvents

EverGreen can walk through your industrial plant or construction site and identify chemical, physical, and ergonomic exposures.  We are experts in helping you choose the right Personal Protective Equipment, Ventilation Design, or Respiratory Protection.  We provide respirator fit testing, air monitoring and testing, and noise exposure testing.

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