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Mold Inspection & Indoor Air Quality

EverGreen performs Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Testing and Provides Remediation Plans


Air Quality, Mold, and Flooding

This has been one wet year for Vermonters.  From normal rainstorms to Hurricane Irene, mold and other flood related issues are common.  EverGreen’s industrial hygiene group is fully equipped to provide mold and air contaminant testing, perform inspections for mold related issues, and help Vermonters and other afflicted by floods or water damage to identify potential problems before they become serious issues affecting your family or employees.



EverGreen can:

  • Do indoor air quality testing for mold and spore concentrations
  • Identify molds present in the tested space
  • Inspect to find out where the mold is growing
  • Provide a remediation or “clean-up” plan that will prevent further issues

EverGreen uses American Industrial Hygiene accredited Environmental Laboratories for analysis.

Although there are no official governmental standards that regulate mold concentrations in the home or workplace, several organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Healthy Homes Association, State level Health Departments, and other ventilation, health related or indoor air quality groups have voluntary guidelines for mold.  EverGreen uses the best fit guideline to your unique environmental needs to design remediation plans.

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