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Indoor Air Quality Testing

EverGreen provides Indoor Air Quality Testing Services for Vermont, New York, and Northern New England – ME-MA-NH

EverGreen has the ability to investigate, test and correct Indoor Air Quality – IAQ – Problems such as mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, and Building Related Disease or Sick Building Syndrome. If employees or building occupants are complaining of poor air quality or increased illnesses as colds, flu, asthma, weakness, burning eyes, itching skin, rashes, sore throats, allergies, lethargy, or headaches, then there is a possibility this could be related to the building.

Indoor Air Quality TestingWe can inspect buildings and HVAC systems for evidence of mold or bacteria that may be adversely affecting building occupants. Our services include indoor air quality testing for mold and bacteria, including mycotoxins and endotoxins, thorough building inspections including air handlers, filters, ductwork, crawl spaces, attics, rooftops, air intakes, and exhausts. We can also identify molds and bacteria quantities. Our objective is to identify the problem and give specific actions needed to correct the situation. In many cases, we can correct the problem with the use of our remediation subcontractor, especially in the case of mold and bacteria contamination.

Sometimes cold or flu-like symptoms due to bad air are not caused by molds.  Building materials made with urea resins, new carpets, laminate flooring, insulation, cleaning products, and even copying machines can all put chemicals into the air that affects us.  EverGreen can perform indoor air quality testing for volatile organic compounds – VOCs and formaldehyde – tell you what is in the air, how much there is, and whether that chemical is a health risk.  We can also pinpoint the source of the contamination and design a plan to remove or remediate it.

We have performed Indoor Air Quality Testing for:

  • Schools
  • Retail Shops
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Private Homeowners
  • In the aftermath of severe water damage

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EverGreen is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association – IAQA

Check us out here:  Indoor Air Quality

2 Responses to "Indoor Air Quality Testing"

  • steven day
    March 24, 2014 - 5:02 PM

    Was wondering what the cost is to have the air quality and mold check of a residential private home (single family). Live in Franklin County VT. If you could email me information I would appreciate it. The home was built in 2007

  • EverGreen
    April 5, 2014 - 1:02 PM

    Hi Steven:

    Many people ask us for a fast quote, which is not easy to give without a full understanding of the problem at hand. There is no one “air quality test” to serve all needs. For example, perhaps you have engineered wood products in the home that have the potential to off-gas formaldehyde. Or a faulty furnace and oil pump, contributing to combustion exhaust or VOCs from the oil. Still other folks have allergies to dust mites, rodents and pet dander that are best resolved through ventilation system design.

    If you contract with a company that comes in and claims, over the phone, that they know what’s wrong, you may be throwing good money away. Our services start with an inspection or site visit (usually no charge unless we have to drive to southern VT) where we evaluate the potential air quality issue and give you an estimate. Those costs are based on our time and the number of samples needed. Mold issues cannot be resolved until the underlying moisture problem is solved.

    For a more in-depth discussion, give us a call at 802-239-4696. We’d be happy to talk with you and give some personalize advice.


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