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Welcome to EverGreen’s Environmental Health & Safety Tidbits

blogIn addition to the collection of information you will find under our standard web pages, we have created this blog to share our trials and tribulations in the world of environmental health and safety consulting. Check out the categories under the “EverGreen Blog” widget on the right sidebar to explore this fascinating world of environmental health & safety.

I have been to many, many different manufacturing locations, construction sites , as well as public and private buildings.  I have also encountered many surprising situations while working for private industry.

Everywhere I go, I learn something new, and something totally unexpected. I have traveled the country and met many great people throughout my working years, but providing environemental health and safety support has been the most interesting job I will ever have.  There is never a dull moment – sometimes the most mundane issues turn into a lessons-learned opportunity.  It’s here on these pages that I would like to share some of the more crazy, hard-to-solve or unexpected situations EverGreen staff have come across.  If you see a topic you’d like to know more about, give us a shout on the blog or feel free to contact the office.   – Terese

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