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Vermont Act 250 Permitting

act 250Act 250 is Vermont’s development and control law

Established in 1970, Act 250 provides a public, quasi-judicial process for managing and reviewing the social, fiscal, and environmental consequences for major developments and subdivisions in the state. Citizens are appointed to a board which reviews the permit applications for conformance with the ten environmental criterial outlined in the law.  These ten criteria are:

  • Will not result in undue water or air pollution (headwater, wastewater, floodways, streams, shorelines, and wetlands are considered)
  • Has sufficient water available for the needs of the development
  • Will not place unreasonable burden on existing water supply
  • Will not cause unreasonable soil erosion
  • Will not cause congestion of highways or other means of transportation
  • Will not create a burden on educational facilities
  • Will not have undue effects on aesthetics
  • Conforms with the Capability and Development Plan
  • Is in conformance with any local or regional plan or capital facilities