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Environmental Compliance

Compliance is key in today’s environmental arena, it is truly a challenge to stay up-to-date with Federal and State level environmental regulations

EverGreen can help you unravel the maze of everchanging environmental regulatory compliance.  Business owners and large industrial manufacturers have found that EverGreen’s assistance allowed them to:

  • Improve environmental quality, and provide documented verification of environmental efforts to stockholders and business owners;
  • Identify ways to reduce waste and pollution, recycle and save money;
  • Increase employee safety and improve the quality of the work environment; and
  • Identify potential areas of non-compliance, reducing the possibility of violation and fines if you are inspected.

EverGreen has documented cost savings associated with material substitution and waste stream solutions.  In one instance, re-classification of nitrocellulose lacquer waste saved a furniture manufacturer over $60,000 PER YEAR in hazardous waste management costs.  Waste generated from waterjet cutting of steel was recycled,  saving a major metalworker over $35,000 PER YEAR while actually generating revenue.