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Air Permitting Consultants

WE are Air Permitting Consultants

EverGreen provides Air Pollution Permitting Services and Air Dispersion Modeling Expertise for VT, ME, NH, and Upstate NY

EverGreen has managed the Title V and State Level Air Permitting processes and operational execution for biomass boilers, plastics industries, furniture manufacturing, heat distribution facilities, and has provided program development and implementation and training for NESHAPs regulated operations.


EverGreen’s Air Permitting and Air Dispersion Modeling experience includes:

Minor permit application, Plastics Molding Research and Development Laboratory- Although the amount of emissions were fairly low in this application, the diverse amount of research and development plastics products required a significant emphasis on administrative air pollution controls in lieu of more expensive engineering solutions.  This allowed the client to focus on the R&D process and save money on air pollution control devices, while still maintaining emission levels well below regulatory limits.

Major permit application, Rough Mill / Sawmill Operations, Maine – Complete application and submittal for Air Pollution Control Operating Permit, Maine DEP, Bureau of Air Quality.  Emission inventory, quantification, air pollution control efficiencies, administrative processes and overall management of implementation of air permitting process.

Title V Air Permit – Operational execution and management of a major U.S. Furniture Manufacturer air permit requirements, to include the complete development and implementation of the NESHAPs Wood Finishing Standard requirements.  Sites were located in the States of Vermont and New York.

Major Permit Application – for a startup wood pellets manufacturing plant.  Air Dispersion Modeling with a sensitive endpoint – air pollution models were run for a northern Vermont wildlife reserve, which was required for permit submission.

Permit Opt Out – EverGreen has also obtained Air Permit Opt-Out status for a military installation trading out their current boiler system for a biomass boiler.


EverGreen’s has significant expertise with biomass boilers and the new EPA National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Major Source Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers.


  • Mark  Renkert, MCsl Mark Renkert, MCsl EverGreen is a powerful and valuable business partner in staying ahead in Environmental Engineering and Permitting…….. amazing work with Air Flow Modeling and Air Permitting and Compliance….

EverGreen uses Lakes Environmental Air Dispersion Modeling Software.